Sport wear

Sportswear is a special equipment. It is made of special materials using special technologies, and in everyday life it can be not only inappropriate, but also inconvenient. Sports-style items (as opposed to sports uniforms) bear the imprint of fashion trends, have a variety of decor and, finally, are combined with items of other styles.

Why do I need sportswear?

Clothing for professional athletes should emphasize the dignity of the figure and have an attractive appearance. It should certainly be comfortable, because this — as we defined in the first paragraph — is generally the most important thing. But there is something else: it must meet the requirements that a particular sport imposes on a thing.

It is pleasant to perform in professional sportswear because it is beautiful; it is comfortable to wear because it is sewn exactly to the figure. It will not break from excessive loads due to increased resistance to wear, and will also give its owner comfort — it will “breathe” and absorb excess moisture.

There is something else: for many sports, clothing is also a kind of “brand”. That is why individual tailoring with the application of the symbols of the club is in great demand. This is done not only and not so much for beauty, but to raise the team spirit of athletes and demonstrate their camaraderie.

What happens if you pick up the kit incorrectly?
If you approach the issue of selecting sportswear incorrectly, then the result may be the most deplorable, because during training the main emphasis is on muscles, while adipose tissue and glands are ignored. It is not surprising that instead of an excellent result, a novice athlete gets flabby skin or sagging breasts (if it concerns women). This is especially important in those sports that involve sharp jerks and movements: for example, running, aerobics or equestrian sports. It is better not to approach extreme sports without appropriate equipment at all, because this is fraught with not only loss of beauty, but also health.

But those athletes who are engaged in relatively common sports also “suffer” from incorrect selection. For example, they often have scuffs from rubber bands or poorly treated seams. That is why it is better to order individual tailoring from the factory that specializes in sportswear and special equipment.

Sportswear is convenience, lightness and style. It allows you to feel comfortable in any season with various loads, protects from bad weather and injuries, and also looks very stylish and beautiful. The main features of sportswear that distinguish it from everyday: The use of technological materials (soft shell, membranes, fleece, thermal fabrics); Anatomical cut that gives comfort and freedom of movement (seamless clothing, flat seams); Light weight and volume (in winter, thin thermal clothing warms better than a huge down jacket); Inserts in strategically important areas (reinforced strength, elastic, ventilating, moisture and windproof, reflective).